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When I look at my early work now, stretching back to the 1970s, it almost seems to become a form of archeology; peering in through a tiny hole in some lately discovered wall to find forgotten, yet "wonderful things". To solve this problem – the enviable problem of undiscovered books – I have published two volumes which will form the vanguard of my poetry, the first book being a short 'bridging volume' called 'Hope in the Heart of Hatred', featuring work predominantly from the 1990s. Although not my first book by any means, it is the first to be published. This 'bridging book' acts as a connection between my previous hoarded work and the new poems I am working on now. The newest poems have also seen the light of day in another new book entitled 'Gain of Function' – you can find more information on these anthologies below.

Hope in the Heart of Hatred


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'Hope in the Heart of Hatred' is a short book of twenty-nine poems, all written between 1989 and 2003. These varied poems sit together well as a single work and present what I think is an excellent introduction to what is yet to come. It also contains some of my own photography from the passing years, not in support of any particular poem, but to add a ghosted ambience of my life in art. It is a pivotal book because it is born of a time when I had largely given up seeing the sun rise on my literary career. However, instead of giving up I gave myself to it as never before. My world at the time was full of mistrust, disappointment and disillusion. There was also a permeation of fear and hatred that seemed to seep into the actual framework of living. I even hated myself at times. Given all this and the spectre of periodic depression, I remained positive and to some extent I learnt to write my way out of dark situations – thus giving them a logical purpose. So this book, above all other considerations, is essentially about hope.

84pp. Available in both paperback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-1-0
and hardback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-0-3

Gain of Function


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This anthology of one-hundred and two poems represents a shift in creative potential which is exactly described by its title: ‘Gain of Function’, which you may well recognise as a phrase relating to science. However, within the sphere of this book, Gain of Function mostly represents a collision between past and future in which my long-developed ways of working have been hit by enormous positive change and new possibilities – all driven by the advent of social media and the seismic changes in the world of publishing.

The very recent work presented in this book is unique amongst my output, because for the first time I was faced with the possibility that whichever poem I was working on, it could be immediately presented to the public, and indeed to the world via social media. This new reality created a completely different working atmosphere. The sudden, tense focus of instantaneous publishing added a whole new factor of concentration, necessary confidence and embedded topicality – specifically the poems dealing with the recent virus and some aspects of politics and the media.

I hope you enjoy reading these poems and find them worthy investigations of the many questions and experiences we are faced with today. 

148pp. Available in both paperback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-2-7
and hardback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-3-4

"A poet can survive
but a misprint."

Oscar Wilde

“I hoard books. They are people who do not leave.”

Anne Sexton – American poet – 1928-1974

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Although I have had a Twitter presence for a while now, in the last few years I have started to use it as a platform for releasing my very latest poems. This is an unusual experience for me because I tend to rewrite and edit my poems for a very long time, often years. Twitter has allowed me to experiment with a very fresh and dynamic new way of writing, sometimes on current subjects too, though I tend to stay away from the lefts and rights and bandwagons of the recent unsettling wave of identity based politics. It is dividing humanity, or at least allowing embedded divisions to widen, rather than heal.

Twitter offers me a live stage on which to perform and one of the most exciting things for me is the ability to be able to suddenly decide to put my work out into the public domain without all the structures, limitations and interruptions of normal publishing procedure. I have found it gives my work a desirable urgency and a powerful creative surge, while still allowing me to offer poetry of the highest standard that my friends and followers have come to respect from me.

I have now collected these dynamic poems into an anthology, which has been printed in traditional book form, along with many other poems that were written in the febrile atmosphere of Twitter, though never actually posted. Collectively, they make up my book entitled 'Gain of Function', which contains a hundred and two poems. The virtual book below displays a few of the poems that were first published on Twitter.

My Twitter page is @PeterHague

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Selected Poems from
'Gain of Function'


– Peter Hague –

Samples from a book of
One hundred and two poems

This is a shortened virtual book
of new poems that were
published first on social media
ver an experimental period of time.
The resulting collection
is now available
in traditional book form,
with many more additions
written during the same period.


@Copyright 2020 Peter Hague Concept – Design – Art Direction.
All rights reserved.


Waving and Drowning
The Journey of the Self
A Place in the Universal
The Energy of Time
Relocation of the Heart
Gain of Function
15 New Adventures in Haiku
A Louder Truth
Lives Matter
Existence Denied
Kicking Back Time
The Long Fade Into Light
The Quiet Virus
Wet Market to Mall

There are one hundred and two poems
in the published anthology.

The Abacus

A sliding abacus of human birth.
Each adds their momentary value
to the sum of human worth.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 28 July 2019.

Waving and Drowning

We were neither waving nor drowning,
but now we are both –
happy to slip each currents reach,
down through the back door
that locks our depression.
Deeper we go – to defeat rock bottom,
and wave goodbye
so you will not think badly of us.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 10 August 2019.

The Journey of the Self

Somewhere, is the mortal part.
Elsewhere is the heaven.
Somehow is the road we travel
scouted by the raven.

Message is the truth we bring
in simple verse, or sonnet.
Hopeful is the journey’s end.
Happenstance, the ticket.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 19 September 2019.

A Place in the Universal

Here, on the bright side of death
I occupy the right side of my heart.
I am at the centre of my being –
a line scribed from head to soul –
a blend of genes, running pole to pole.
I am at the centre of my living dial –
at the confluents of patience, blood and bile,
and all revolving in the universal smile –
that inherent affinity –
dispensing an axis for all.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 18 November 2019.

The Energy of Time

The beach at low tide,
bears the brunt of sunset colours –
falling short of the sad day going,
it turns its ratchet waves of time.
Spectators make no difference
when tomorrow is on its sturdy wing –
already out-guessing the truth and fantasy
in every stolen, little thing.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 2 February 2020.

Relocation of the Heart

The walls of this unfamiliar house
have transformed themselves
into the closest copy
of where I last felt comfortable.

It is not their fault
that paper peels and paint cracks –
or new feet stroll across the creaking floor.
It is an unburdened wish
to liberate change.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 5 February 2020.

Gain of Function

Death is coming –
its shadow sits on every heart,
as grief leaks its fertile blood,
one grave at a time –

Not too young –
an unsettling euthanasia.
Delivered by obsession,
and a shrinking world.

An insidious revolution,
overwhelming our burdens
with a crushed prosperity
and the silence of peace.

As the first wave rebounds
from the squalor of population,
we wear its shadow
like a stiff, new coat.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 4 May 2020.

New Adventures in Haiku

But is this Haiku
or simple word conundrum?
Think for a moment.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 9 July 2020.

A Louder Truth

The tides of Twitter wait for no one,
they roll their wishes to be spun.
Delivered in moments of endangered speech,
randomly garbled into the endless stream.

Tides that wash from the silence of rooms,
pouring words across the face of the deep –
across the curve of our half-eclipsed, elastic globe,
where quiet minds pray for a louder truth.

Soon, there will be nowhere else to look
as space goes quiet behind thickening clouds.
And we slide our open doors tight shut
to welcome the multi-face of zoom.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 28 July 2020.

Lives Matter

We are all enslaved now.
A virus owns our lives.
I watch it creep out of sight,
from behind my new, procrastinations.
Whole days spent hiding inside
with the windows shut
and the curtains closed.
Yet the dumb TV seems full of crowds,
intent on breathing each other’s air.
My mind is sealed by fear.
I hear the pause of the super-spreader –
some poor guy who lives on cigarettes
and blows propaganda in your face.
He won’t stop until the virus kills him,
but it won’t kill him – he’s the slaver’s son –
a true captain of cancel and revenge.
He knows the score – He knows the whip.
And has come to bring the world
to its knees.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 13 August 2020.

Existence Denied

We’re off to the loud sounds –
killing the road with fire.
An oblivion of speech,
using under-words.
Learning that death is an old tale –
a place of fruitless seeds.
We lean back into existence –
not knowing.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 28 August 2020.


Even the snow goes
where it normally refuses –
bending foliage before the Autumn equinox.
A cold chill settled in the heart of Colorado
after heading south
from nowhere.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 10 August 2020.

Kicking Back Time

A boot of wind splits the meadow –
parting flowers – kicking back time.
We smell the earth of ancient hours,
while telling truths to avoid going home.
We talked in sunshine and laughed in rain –
we had the compass of youth and dreams.
Our stream was the ripple of life and breath,
patrolled by honesty in the deepest realms.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 18 September 2020.

The Long Fade Into Light

Where are you going, Marilyn?
Our eyes have not seen enough.
Your kind of fame demands an encore –
where the trick of eternal youth
is to be painted in clouds.

People are going –
yet our memories retain them,
as they slide into the long fade
of personal loss.

There at the deathbed
of my own Father.
I am always present,
one way or another.

And also that day
in the bright hills of Derbyshire,
where he walked in the warm wind
of eternal youth.
And where he thought he saw Betty,
with hair like Marilyn –
address undisclosed
among painted clouds.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 15 November 2020.

The Quiet Virus

Shopping and weeping
among rumours of virus –
her only son gone –
taken by mystery.
No one in the village
knew anyone
so death was ignored
and will be again.
It will call tonight
for a mother’s fate –
the insupposable mystery
of a lost child.
She too will go shopping then,
bereaved by expedience.
She too will weep silence
into rumours of virus.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 30 November 2020.

Wet Market to Mall

Blind witch, sated muse –
hung in the galleries of the desperately poor.
Potions abound and sordid spells,
each rendered void of attention’s scan.
Wool of bat pulled over eyes –
tongue of ferret in disguise.
Did you report a poisoned world,
or just the snake that choked its science?
We are now subsidiary to the blush of expedience,
concealed in the blind-breath of patient masks.
Except for the whispers of blatant truth
that we glimpse in the deep honesty
of magnifying glass –
those silenced shop windows
that mirror our loss
in the stout gospel of vacant sincerity.

©Copyright 2020 Peter Hague. All rights reserved.
Published on Twitter – 15 November 2020.

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