Gain of Function

Gain of Function (covers) by Peter Hague

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Gain of Function (front cover) by Peter Hague

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Gain of Function (back cover) by Peter Hague
This anthology of one-hundred and two poems represents a shift in creative potential which is exactly described by its title: ‘Gain of Function’, which you may well recognise as a phrase relating to science. However, within the sphere of this book, Gain of Function mostly represents a collision between past and future in which my long-developed ways of working have been hit by enormous positive change and new possibilities – all driven by the advent of social media and the seismic changes in the world of publishing.

The very recent work presented in this book is unique amongst my output, because for the first time I was faced with the possibility that whichever poem I was working on, it could be immediately presented to the public, and indeed to the world via social media. This new reality created a completely different working atmosphere. The sudden, tense focus of instantaneous publishing added a whole new factor of concentration, necessary confidence and embedded topicality – specifically the poems dealing with the recent virus and some aspects of politics and the media.

I hope you enjoy reading these poems and find them worthy investigations into the many questions and experiences we are faced with today. 

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'Gain of Function'

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Gain of Function by Peter Hague
Gain of Function by Peter Hague
Gain of Function by Peter Hague
Gain of Function by Peter Hague

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"Gain of Function by Peter Hague is a collection of 102 thought-provoking poems. While the poet writes on varied subjects such as nature, the pandemic, relatives, loss, and death, his writing exudes with the theme of humane fragility."

Wendy E. Slater (poet)

Gain of Function, deserves to be read and re-read. His work is profound, prophetic, and poignant, capturing the fragile essence of life and death throughout. My personal favorite is “The Bridge of Paper Sails.” Peter’s poems also reflect his adept use of imagery and alliteration.“

Patricia Taylor Wells
(Novelist and poet)

"I found the quality of poems to be outstanding and extremely thought provoking. I liked the groups of titles within subtitles. I felt I was on a journey, through Peter’s thoughts and experiences. This is the work of a highly skilled writer and poet.”

Gary Pollard (poet)

"Gonna pray these flowers turn blue
and only come out at night.
Night-people need flowers too
and blue after midnight feels right.”

Peter Hague – 'Gain of Function'

148pp. Available in both paperback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-2-7
and hardback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-3-4

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